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Value Series Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retracta-Belt™ Stanchions
The Value Series is Our Response to the Low Cost Imported Stanchions!
This series contains many of the features as the TRIED and TRUE Model 300 RETRACTA-BELT™, which has become and Industry standard for PRICE, QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY. This post is a high quality stanchion sold “Flat Placked” in set of 2 allowing for easy assembly. High manufacturing quantities, reduced packaging, shipping & assembling have DRIVEN DOWN THE COST.
Value Series Retracta-Belt™ Posts in Black and Polish Aluminum
Now backed by a 2 Year Warranty
Value Series Features
  • 2” high black belt - Extends from 0 to 10’
  • E-Z Back™ mechanism allows belt to retract slower and safer
  • Built-in adapter to accept sign frames 2.5” O.D. heavy gauge aluminum poles with black painted or polished aluminum finish
  • Built-in 3 way adaptor allows for attachment of belts from any direction
  • Universal belt clip allows integration with many other manufacturers units
  • Built-in manual locking clip
  • 14” diameter base with built in rubber floor protector and black ABS scuff proof base cover on both posts!
  • Visiontron's 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • 40” post height, 2.5” diameter post, 21 lbs each
  • 47 lbs shipping weight (Packed 2 per box)
  • Flat packing reduces shipping costs and omits the additional “UPS” double boxing charge
When you break it down, our Retracta-Belt™ beats the competition at every level.
Value Series vs Competitor Comparison Chart
1 Belt Color & Finish
Belt Color Post Finish

Black Aluminum

Polished Aluminum
Black Belt Black 84.95
Red Belt Red 84.95
Blue Belt Blue 84.95
Black w/Wht. Stripe Belt Black w/Wht. Stripe 89.95
2 Quantity
*** Please Note: Stanchions packaged 2 per box ***
Quantity is the total number of posts.
The quantity ordered must be a multiple of 2