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Skipper Cone Mounted Retractable Barrier

Skipper Cone Mount Retracta-Belt™

Commended DW Awards 2005 - Industrial Product Of The Year Indolutions, Inc. proudly introduces the new versatile cone mountable Skipper Retracta-Belt™. It can be used in a variety of situations; it's not limited only to cones. Skipper's highly visible tape extends up to 29 feet 6 inches! Its molded design constructed of polypropylene with glass filled nylon offers a light weight, extremely durable product that will stand up to the harshest environments. There is a 2 year warranty on Skipper. Like all of our other products, Skipper can accept a sign frame while still receiving belts from any direction without additional hardware.
Typical Applications:

Countless industries have discovered and are experiencing the benefits of Skipper.

Petroleum Transporters have been using Skipper to protect their drivers and expensive equipment from being run over during the routine refueling process at gas stations. A small investment can prevent accidents that costs thousands of dollars.

Construction companies have been using Skipper as a quick and easy way to keep the public out of hazardous areas and to guide foot traffic around a job site. Protect your own employees by putting a marked "buffer" around machinery. Skipper can be found at new construction sites as well as in the field during repairs.

Airports and Airlines are using Skipper to guide passengers to the correct plane and discourage “wandering” during outdoor boarding. Airports use Skipper for numerous maintenace and custodial operations.

Maintenance and Custodial Departments love Skipper for the large coverage it offers while remaining easy to transport, set up and store. Stop wasting money and resources from using one time use throw away tape.

Warehouses are using Skipper in their shipping and inventory operations. Keep people away from hi-lows, forklifts, and other material handeling equipment. Designate special inventory items. Cordon off areas around spills and other hazards.

Parking Garages and Parking Lots are using Skipper to create VIP areas and charge a premium. Skipper also offers a quick and easy way to close off certain levels and areas that are not being used.

Parking Lot Seal Coaters and Stripers use Skipper for a more professional look and to protect freshly prepared surfaces.

Manufacturing facilities use Skipper to cordon off machinery as well for maintenance and shipping operations. The list goes on and on...

Skipper Specs
Height 9 1/2”
Width 5 3/4”
Cone Hole 3 1/4”
Tape Width 2”
Weight 1.76 lbs.
Model # SKIP
A. Skipper Top A. Skipper End
A. Skipper Lock A. Skipper Hole
A. Removable top for additional attachment of light or sign holder.
B. Unique belt end allows connection to other Skippers, to optional receiving ends, or it can wrap around practically any vertical object and attach back on to the belt itself.
C. Lockable button to keep belt taut and prevent unspooling in windy conditions.
D. Screw holes for permanent fixture.
Versatile Aplications:
Skipper Cone Assembly Cone Mount - Skipper was designed to fit snuggly on a wide variety of traffic cones, saving time, storage space and money. For best results we strongly recommend our Euro Cone. To use existing cones, you must double or triple stack cones to get to the right weight/wall strength. For more security, you can fix Skipper to a cone using up to four screws. Click here to read about the differences in cones.
Skipper Wall Mount Wall Mount Bracket - Save on cones when you mount Skipper to a wall or truck. Use the wall mount bracket when you need to constantly block off an area, like around a loading dock. Also great for Utility Companies. Attach a wall mount bracket to a truck and extend the belt to:
- another Skipper on a cone or wall mount bracket
- a receiving end on another truck
- a cone mount receiving end
- or wrap the belt around a tree, street sign, fence, etc. and connect the end clip to the belt.
Skipper Mountable Receiving End Mountable Receiving End - Attach this receiving end to a wall, truck, shelves, etc. for an economical way to end a line. Available with a magnetic mount for temporary applications.
Skipper Cone Mount Receiving End Cone Mount Receiving End - When mountable receiving ends aren't an option and there's nothing for you to wrap the belt around, the Cone Mount Receiving End is the cost effective alternative to end a line instead of purchasing another Skipper. Use multiple units to make your line go around turns using only 1 Skipper! One Skipper with Two Cone Mount Receiving Ends can form a 5’ x 24’ barrier.
Skipper Belt Clip Wrap around Pole - Skipper was designed to be extremely flexible. You only need to use one Skipper unit to mark off about 29’ if you have a tree, street sign, storage rack, pole, etc. in reach. Wrap the belt around the vertical object and slide the belt end's “hook” onto the extended belt. It's that easy!
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