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Welcome to Indolutions, Inc.

We are a wholesaler of a large variety of

Crowd Control Barrier Stanchions (Stantions)

and other crowd control equipment for your home or business including Retracta-Belt™ Retractable Stanchions, Conventional Posts & Hanging Ropes, Velour / Naugahyde / Velvet / Polypropylene Roping, Standard & Custom Message Display Signs, Smoker's Posts, Bellman Hotel & Utility Carts, many Accessories and much more! Our trademarked stanchion, the Retracta-Belt™ is the industry leading crowd control stanchion and a top of the line crowd control product. Its revolutionary retractable belt allows for remarkably simple and effective crowd control by allowing you to prepare stanchion barriers to control foot traffic with little to no preparation. Check out our YouTube Demonstration video for more details.
Our website is very user-friendly and allows you to browse our catalog and easily navigate between products. Our ordering system is very straightforward and makes the process seamless and simple by eliminating confusion and bringing out the different options into a visual presentation that guides you through a step-by-step configuration. We accept all major credit cards, purchase orders, money orders and certified checks. Our staff is available 24 hrs a day by email or phone at our convenient Toll Free number. Our wholesale crowd control experts will assist you with all of your needs and help you decide which crowd control products best suit your particular situation and get you started right away.

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Line-king Product Line
Check out our brand NEW line of cost-effective crowd control products. Click the images to view details about each new product.

TensionLine Retractable Belt Stanchion Posts

TensionLine Pol. Stainless Steel Stanchion
TensionLine stanchions offer a great cost-effective barrier with a 10' retractable belt.

TensionLine 8.5" x 11"
Sign Frame Kit

TensionLine 8.5 x 11 Sign Frame Kit
TensionLine sign frame kit sits atop most retractable belt stanchion posts.

Stanchion Posts

MajesticLine Conventional Stanchion Posts
Economy line of conventional crowd control stanchion post. Quality posts, ship same day.

MajesticLine Velvet Ropes with Snap Ends

MajesticLine Velvet Ropes with Snap Ends
Velvet Rope with metal snap ends. For use with our MajesticLine Stanchion Posts.

TensionLine Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barrier

TensionLine Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barrier
Our low cost economy line of wall mountable retractable belt barriers with 10' belt.

8.5" x 11" Sign Frame Insert Standard / Custom

8.5 x 11 Sign Frame Insert
Sign inserts fit TensionLine 8.5" x 11" Sign Frame Kit. Double sided heavy card stock.
Made in USA
Below are our core products created by some of the top manufacturers in the United States.
Browse our featured products below or navigate the product categories from the links on the left.

Retracta-Belt™ Stanchion Posts w/ Belts

Retracta-Belt™ Stanchions
Quality retractable belt stanchion barrier posts available in a variety of styles and belt colors.

Conventional Barrier
Stanchion Posts

Conventional Stanchion Barrier Posts
Elegant & classy conventional style stanchion posts for use with our hanging stanchion ropes.

Conventional Style
Hanging Stanchion Ropes

Conventional Hanging Stanchion Ropes
Elegant conventional style ropes to hang between stanchions or wall plates. Custom lengths by the inch.

Engraved & Printed
Mountable Signs

Engraved & Printed Signs
Standard & Custom Message Signs can be mounted atop posts or to walls. Available in a wide range of sizes & colors.

Metal Plated
Plastic Stanchions

Metal Plated Plastic Stanchions
A cost-effective alternative to our metal conventional stanchion posts. Light-weight, heavy-duty metal plating.

Plastic Chain & Plastic Accessories

Platic Chain for Plastic Stanchions
Plastic chain comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Compatible with all our plastic stanchion posts.

Smoker's Posts
Cigarette Ash Receptacles

Cigarette Refuse Receptical (Smoker's Post)
Smoker's Posts or cigarette ash receptacles keep your environment safe, clean and sanitary with a touch of style.

Skipper Cone Mounted Retractable Barrier

Skipper Cone Mounted Retractable Barrier
A 29'6" retractable belt unit that easily sits atop traffic cones. Great for service vehicles & road work areas.

Bellman Hotel Luggage
Utility Carts

Bellman Hotel / Utility Carts
Hotel Bellhop, Luggage and standard utility carts. Many options and styles to match your establishment's décor.

Security Swing Gate
Post & Sign Kit

Security Swing Gate Stanchion Kit
Stanchion post with hinged sign permanently attached. Standard or custom message on front and back.

Steel Crowd Control Barricade Fence

Steel Crowd Control Barricade Fence - Bridge | Flat Foot
High quality, reliable carbon steel design hot dipped galvanized for long lasting crowd control barricades.

Banners & Flags

Advertising Banner Flags
Stock & custom messages or logos advertised on banners, sidewalks, buildings, etc. Many flag & sign options available.

More Information:

Retracta-Belt™ Retractable Belt Stanchion:

Retracta-Belt™ is the most unique retractable belt crowd control stanchion system on the market today. After years of development, the Retracta-Belt™ stanchion has taken crowd control systems to a new level. Each stanchion head houses a highly durable 2" wide belt available in multiple lengths from 10' to 25' and additionally, 3 belt clip receiving ends to which other retractable stanchion belts can be attached. This arrangement gives you the flexibility to create virtually any configuration necessary for a well organized, extendable queue line or crowd control barrier. At the same time securing an easy to set up and break down, ultra portable barrier. With it's versatility, there is no need for clumsy adapters. Visiontron is the only manufacturer to offer fully replaceable parts from individual belts and springs to a full complete stanchion head assembly. We have so much faith in our Retracta-Belt™ stanchions, we stand behind them with a 5-year warranty.

ADA Compliant Retracta-Belt™ Stanchion Systems:

ADA requirements are easy to comply with using Visiontron's ADA Compliant Retracta-Belt™ Retractable Belt Stanchion Post. This stanchion post complies fully with ADA 4.4.1 requirements. While providing continued portable and efficient crowd control, this particular stanchion, with its retracting belt no higher than 27", can be detected by the visually impaired using a cane or guide dog.

Stanchion Ropes:

Elegance and durability has been redefined with Visiontron's conventional stanchion ropes. Made with a heavy cotton core, these hanging ropes are covered with either our durable naugahyde or elegant velour fabric. Our newest stanchion rope made from polypropylene and molded in a braided rope design available in Black and Red. This rope can hang from post to post up to 10' and adds a distinctive look that is sure to impress. Our material is also durable enough to handle more extreme weather conditions.

Conventional Portable Stanchion Posts:

Visiontron's Conventional Portable Stanchion Posts bringing back the elegance and nostalgia, remnant of old time movie theaters, hotels and casinos. All posts are available in a variety of finishes including brass, chrome, black steel and custom powder-coat finishes of your choice. These posts are designed for use with our naugahyde, velour, velvet, and braided polypropylene stanchion ropes which hange from post to post at custom lengths for a professional, classy look and feel.

Smoker's Posts / Cigarette Ash Receptacle:

The Glaro Smoker's Post is the ultimate sleek, stylish, and extremely durable solution for cigarette disposal. Already the first choice of interior designers, architects, major purchasing and facility managers these Smoker's Posts are the most effective and indestructible solution to cigarette refuse. Our diversified collection of smoking receptacles provides a great solution for every location. All smoker's posts are sculpted from rustproof aluminum and come in a choice of 27 different smooth and textured luxurious powder coat finishes as well as satin and brass metal finishes.

Bellman Hotel & Utility Carts:

Quality manufactured carts with a No Compromise, No Maintenance finish. These particular bellman hotel / utility carts are perfect for any establishment. The heavy gauge, formed steel chassis with an oven baked rust preventative coating will handle the load and last a lifetime. The extra thick, solid, waterproof exterior plywood deck will endure use and abuse. Never disturb your guests again with the four wheel Glaro Glider and smoothly maneuver the cart over any surface. These carts are priced lower, saving you money and manufactured to last longer to keep saving money in the future.

We are proud to offer the most competitive

crowd control stanchions (stantions)

 at the highest possible quality.